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( phone call --> written. )

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[ it was another.

(a longer list of numbers. a longer list of area codes. divided and categorized. some unknown and some impossible. but each connected. each tried. every time. each rang back or ended. some led to voices, some led to recordings. some led to - )

and though the information on these were scattered, for now, he had strung the obvious together. he had strung the notable together. the small subtleties. some he had spoken to, some he had not. (all he had hoped would not pick up.)

some had led to exchanges of information, impersonal. (and even with that, it was easier not to talk. easier to simply call. to receive another empty dial tone. another empty number. another empty line. a thought. a scam.)

and so, when he calls this number - he waits on the (if luck would have it) dial tone. the recording. the answering machine, out-dated. ]
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[ it has reconnected. re-strung. retied. (and it is not the first time. it is not the first time. today. this week - it is not the first time. and there is a kind of deeper pause in it. a kinder of quieter pause in it. there is a kind of reluctance to answer. to respond. knowing this voice. knowing that voice. knowing -- ) ]

... It's a wrong number. [ and somehow, the words are mismatched. somehow, the words are too shortened for the sound of his voice. almost too boyish. too young.

he's quiet. ]
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Hey, Lowell. We need to have a talk so I can get some facts straight before I figure out exactly what I've got to do about this situation. Any time good for an in-person chat?
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Anywhere you want to meet or should I just break your door down and kidnap you?
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Good thing I'm being extra benevolent today.

[ Extra benevolent meaning she's willing to hear his side of the story, anyway. ]

See you soon.

[ And she hangs up the phone, then goes to get her worldhop. It doesn't take her long at all to get there, even wearing her SSS uniform. Girl is here on business, bro. ]
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[ Not like her non-uniform clothes would make her blend in any better. ]

Don't worry, I'm already dead so it doesn't count toward the Yuri overload meter.
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I want you to tell me exactly what happened on New Years with Ange. In your own words, with explanations as to why. Trust me when I say it's really important to your physical and mental well-being and that I'm the good cop in this scenario.
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Okay, different question then. [ Though the great points would've been "the was drunk and I wasn't going to take advantage of her while she was drunk, it's not a horrible answer. ] Do you want to be with her?
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It has everything to do with it. I'm not going to go run and tell her, don't worry.
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Nuh uh, real answer. Do you want her or not? It's a yes or no question.
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Then think about it, moron. Ange has a lot of problems and she really likes you, even after the alcohol. Just because you're in trouble a lot or you're not relationship material doesn't mean that you and she don't have a right to make each other happy. She doesn't have a lot that does make her happy and no matter what happens, she's going to lose someone that does. So if she can find someone that does, I'm damn well not going to stand by and not tell you off because you don't think you're ready to be in a relationship. So if you can honestly say you don't think being with her like that would make you happy, then I'll drop it and you can treat me to some food for coming all this way and we can be cool with each other.
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Fine with me, as long as it's not like ten day old stale bread.

[ Yuri shrugs. If he can honestly say that, she's not going to push him. Which means she's not going to push Ange toward him either if this is a dead end. ]
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....Yuri Lowell.

[yeah just saying his first name feels so weird since he's with another Yuri but... anyways. They really need to discuss some things.]

I need to talk with you in private. It's about.... well, everything that's happened. Don't worry you know I won't rip your head off, I just have some things I need to explain.
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Yeah... definitely... so you don't mind me going over there?

[Yuri is about to learn why he was so angry before.]
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[Alright... not like Battler has ever been to this world before, but... here goes.

When he arrives he's not wearing that cape of his anymore, not like this is Game Master business or anything, he's here as just Battler. He waves at Yuri, smiling a bit as he gets closer.]

Yo! Man.... I need to visit this place more often, it's huge. I guess it's since I'm used to being on an island.
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Yeah... they really do, I'm pretty cramped up in there.

[He shrugs... but then he just stops smiling as much.]

Anyways.. I wanted to talk to you about something... really important. It involves all of us, you, me and Ange...
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[Battler is just moving to go lean against one of the buildings, running a hand through his hair, he sighs a bit.]

The only other people that know are Yurippe and Minatsuki so.... I really should tell you, and don't tell Ange, this is all for her anyways.

[he takes in a deep breath before he talks.]

...I know you turned her down, but now I'm asking you to reconsider. You see I'm.... I won't be around for very much longer. I'm not exactly dead, but I will be soon.

The game board ends after two days, and after that time then there's just nothing, something happens and I cease to exist anymore... so.... yeah you could say I'm a talking corpse. In other words, I'll die soon Yuri.
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[Well, he didn't know if Ange had already explained to Yuri all about the red truth or whatever so...]

Battler Ushiromiya dies in 1986.

[Plain and simple, the truth comes out just like that. He smiles bitterly at the thought.]

I'm not in her world right? In 1998? It's because I'm dead thanks to the whole Rokkenjima incident... I figured that out a long time ago and this whole time I've been trying to figure out another game for her, another game so she can see that even if her family isn't around we're all there in spirit and she just.... needs to move on.

...But... yeah, you understand what I mean, I was just afraid since after I would be gone I didn't know what kind of guy you were- I didn't know if there would be anyone else around to protect her in case her heart got broken again... understand?

It's why I said to stay away initially, I didn't take you into consideration so I wasn't ready for something like this but.... now I can see what you're like, I think she'll need you afterwards.
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[Oh he knew that, he knows all about that especially with the person that he loves more than anything. He just... ugh, this was hard.]

I know but... I'm just... why did you turn her down? Maybe we can figure things out and fix it...

It's hard I know, I'm in love with Yurippe and she's dead- she told me over and over again not to go for her and that it wouldn't work out, but.... I just couldn't stop, and now we love each other and we're together.

Even if something seems wrong it might turn out for the better.
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There was stopping something before, before I realized all of this- we definitely couldn't be together.

However! [Battler brings a hand in front of his face, making a fist.] That was then and this is now! The only thing stopping you in the way of love is you!

If you die then I'll just resurrect you, it's that simple! I'll keep that up until the day I leave this world for real! So please I'm asking you to reconsider your answer to Ange!
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[This was.... no really, what the hell was this?! Battler had, at first, been so overly against the two of them getting together- but he told Ange he would fix this, he told her that he would deifnitely help her out and everything so...

Dammit, he wouldn't let her be so sad about everything anymore, she needed something like this to help her move on too!

Battler moved towards the other man, reaching out to him and grabbing his collar. Battler was still taller than him, so he was looking down at him and little and pulling him up as he looked impossibly angry yet again.]

Lowell! How can you say that....?! Aren't you a man, don't you get it when someone wants to be with you so badly?! If you knew.... if you understood- you would definitely man up and do whatever it took to be with that person, regardless of how difficult it was!

It's dangerous? Then become stronger to protect both you and her. It's complicated? Then sort whatever it is you have to do out, or is it that you really just don't want to? Then don't act like some good guy and lead her on like that!

Just.... [he didn't know why he was getting so angry, but maybe it was because he had been in love with Yurippe so much and yet he had waited for her to finish everything, he had waited for her and she had eventually returned his feelings and it was something that completed his life, truly. It was complicated for her too, it was so complicated that she could have disappeared and yet she went with him- Battler was supposed to fall for Beatrice but he went with her instead so...

Why can't this guy understand nothing should stand in the way of love?!]

Just.... understand.... how important this is!
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[...And easy life....

An easy life?!

Battler grit his teeth at that, feeling impossibly angry at the words coming from the other man. He wasn't getting it, he wasn't understanding this at all, and even saying that his life had been easy...!]

You..... how dare you.....! After my mom died I felt like I didn't have a place in that family anymore, don't you see?! I ran away and in the end it was me that caused that entire incident! Me! It was due to my sin that all this happened...!!

Someone fell in love with me and I left them behind, I promised I would return for them and that sorrow and hatred grew for six years before it finally festered into what happened on that island, and it was all because I was a dumb kid that promised to return for someone that needed it the most! I can never forgive myself for turning my back on someone when they obviously just needed someone to rely on, someone to be there and save them from the sadness and loneliness they went through!

Even now.... [Battler slowly let go of Yuri.] ....even now I'm letting that person down and it pains me every day, every goddamn moment.... but there would still be no way for me to make up for the sins that I've done, so instead I'm trying to correct everything now, trying to change the present so the future can become important...
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[Battler can already feel the tears reaching his eyes, and he brings a hand up to his face to try and stop them before anything happens.]

....So don't tell me that Ange deserves better, I know what she's capable of, she's strong.... she deserves someone that's just as strong as her and not someone like her brother that messes up more often than not....

I just.... want you to keep her safe, okay? I want you to be close to her when I can't, I want you to support her and comfort her when she's down... pat her on the head when I'm not around....

So.... realize your past, understand your sins, and try and change everything for the better so people don't have to suffer anymore.... you're a better person than me, that's for sure.

I couldn't even remember a promise I made six years ago, so don't forget anyone like I did.
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[Ugh.... this... this guy! He wasn't understanding, he wasn't getting it at all! He knows that Ange won't be satisfied with this, it'll all be pointless if he can't accept the fact that they should be together- that they need to be together for Ange to even be fully happy again....!

He knew this could ruin everything, and if Ange isn't happy and willing to move on then things won't go well.]

Lowell.... [he choked out his name, sniffling a bit and trying to get himself under control again.]

You might not let me down but you'll be letting her down if you don't accept her love- don't you see? I know you said you can be everything else but.... that's so useless, so impossibly useless....!

At least consider what I'm saying! You said you'll be there for me after everything so that means you can't die, so it might be dangerous but you'll live so it's fine...!
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[...This guy is really walking away?! When he feels Yuri's hand leave his shoulder, Battler immediately turns around and looks at the back of the guy.]

Lowell...! I just.... I'm sorry for everything you know? I know it's hard and all but... thanks for at least staying by her side, even after all this!

[Jeez, he really didn't want to shout something like that, it feels almost like admitting defeat since Yuri isn't going to say he'll accept her feelings, but... this is the best he can do for now.]