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[ Despite the strange book tucked underneath his arm, the day had been relatively normal. It was a busier sort of day for the Lower quarter, the market running at full steam, and Yuri found it easier to just avoid the grown ups through ducking in one of the alleyways. He didn't feel like harassing the poor baker today, he was already full from the meal Hanks gave him.

And besides...this book intrigued him. It looked a little fancy, like it belonged to someone from the Upper quarter, but he had found it just lying around in the streets. There was a sword on the cover, and he couldn't read the title but, hey, a sword must have meant it would be cool right?

Though all he found inside of it was weird...people. It was probably magic of some kind, and Hanks always told him not to play with the blastia, he couldn't just throw it away!

He sat against the alley wall, opening it again. Strangely enough, there was no one specific waiting. Instead he just saw a bunch of pictures, with words he couldn't read. He couldn't help but pout. Where did the talking heads go?
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RL w/ Sena

Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:38 am
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[ They agreed to meet outside the Pollux, right? She better not had forgotten the name, there was no telling where else she'd end up. It took him forever to give the party an excuse to be alone for a while. Not to mention he'd just be felt standing outside here like a total bum. Which he was.

But that wasn't the point.

He looked up. The dark clouds covering the city were definitely not going to leave anytime soon. Jeez, it was going to be weird explaining to her that it was only raining inside the city...well, she was going to be swimming later anyway, wasn't like getting a little wet was going to be too bad for her. He closed his eyes, leaning against the wall next to the inn entrance. Any minute now.
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Got any comments about how I play Yuri? Love it? Hate it? Want to challenge me to pistols at dawn? It all goes here!

Anonymous commenting is on, no comment screening, IP logging off, aaaand I think that's everything, so go nuts!

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Player nickname: Luu
Player LJ: [personal profile] theamazingluuser
Way to contact you: AIM
AIM: bleachninja12
Other: N/A
Are you at least 15?: Yes.
Current Characters: Kyousuke Natsume, Kyo Kusanagi

Character: Yuri Lowell
Fandom: Tales of Vesperia
Character Notes:
History: Having lost both of his parents before he could even remember, Yuri Lowell was raised by the people of the Lower Quarter, the poorman's district of the Imperial Capital of Zaphias. He grew up knowing the way of the streets, and seeing the world through a dog eats dog view. He hated the state the Lower Quarter was in, and he and childhood friend Flynn Scifo decided to join the Imperial Knights, in hopes of changing the treatment the people receieved under the Empire's rule, and protecting that which they held dear.

He was 19 was he was first instated as a knight, joining a brigade under the command of Nylen Fedrock, whom with he had begun to look up to, almost sharing a father-son connection with, . They were assigned with the task of investigating a recent surge of monster attacks in the Imperial city of Shizontania. During his time in the brigade, he learned of how little the knights could do about the corruption among the higher powers, and after an incident that could have been avoided if the Commandant of the Imperial Knights had actually taken it seriously, that left his Captain Nylen dead, Yuri left the knights, disgusted by the power structure of the empire. He went back to live in the lower quarter, where he spent the next two years in a lazy slump, no longer knowing what to do with himself.

Personality: Many would describe Yuri as unsocial and generally rude. For the most part, he's exactly that. He doesn't like to filter his words to others, often times coming off as mean when he's just speaking his mind. Some may find this honesty nice, while others will find it slightly enraging. Despite all this "brutal" honesty, he actually has a hard time expressing is true feelings, and will rarely admit when he's actually sad or worried, or even grateful at times. He has no qualms letting his anger or sarcasm show, however, and that's partially why so many would quickly label him as a bit of a jerk. He also may come off as anti-social, again, due to his upbringing, he isn't the best around other people. He likes to make believe that he's just fine on his own. But past all his harsh words and facades, he really means well, and wouldn't honestly hurt someone if they hadn't done something to deserve it.

Having grown up as part of the lower class, he also has little regard for social heirarchy, and will speak to a king just as he would speak to a passerby on the street just as he would to higher, powerful force of nature. He doesn't care what or who you are, if he doesn't like you, he's going to show it. Likewise, if you're one of his friends, he'll go out of his way to protect you, even if he wouldn't like to admit it. He's more mature than most young men his age, due to the kind of harsh life he's lived, orphaned at a young age and raised in the lower, poorer parts of town, often opressed by the nobility and knights. He has a strong sense of justice, and believes the wrong should always be punished, and that weak should be protected. He absolutely hates the unfair treatment the empire gives to the average person, and goes so far as to even fight the knights and local law enforcement over such things as taxes (Yuri has also been thrown into jail so often that he treats it like a joke).

He does have an immature side to him though. He gets along great with children, and shows a lot of love for them. He also isn't above making jokes out of situations and pulling pranks. When he's confident that he can get out of a situation (which he almost always is), he'll easily treat it like a game.

Additional Links:

First Person (Text; Hand written):

I'm no good at these journal sort of things, so you'll all just have to bear with me on this. I'm only writing in this because there's nothing else to do in here. All walls, metal bars, and bad food.

Seemed like the knights were intent on stealing money from Hanks today. That guy barely makes enough to support himself, and they insist on taking shit from him anyway. Of course I wasn't going to just stand there and watch that.

So I beat them up and ended up getting thrown in here after they had to call a bunch of superior officiers for back-up.

Man, feels like this happens every week now.

Well, that's all you're getting out of me today.

Third Person: His eyes scanned the streets below his second story window, straying with every passerby that passed. Some would wave and greet him, others would barely notice him. He held his hand out, a faint smile on his face, to those that knew him. Seemed like today was going to be nothing out of the ordinary, again. It wasn't like he could complain, though. Quiet days meant less trouble for the people of the lower quarter. The peace suit it's inhabitants well, at least much more than it had in past years.

But damn, he was so bored.

He was used to action. He got into a lot of fights with the knights on a regular basis, and back when he was a part of them, traveling outside of the city's barrier was often a part of his missions. He felt..stuck, being here now. It bothered him.

A small figure cause his attention out of the corner of his eyes. A small boy stopped underneath his window, calling up to him.

"Hey, Yuri!" Yuri just smiled, responding to him.

"What's up, Ted?"

"Mom said she needs your help with carrying some stuff! It's too big for me!" A small chuckle left Yuri. Maybe he didn't mind an ordinary day either. He swung his legs over the side of his window, dropping down in front of the boy on the street below, bring a smile to his face, this feat obviously impressing him, no matter how many times he had seen it before. Yuri could feel his smile growing a little more.

"Lead the way then, Ted."


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