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RL w/ Ange

[ Right outside of Heliord, by the west city entrance. That's where he said for her to meet him. This whole world hopping business was still new to him, after all. To be completely honest...he didn't fully understand why he even told her to come. He just knew she needed to get away. Everything in that world was way too confusing for it's own good. The witches, logic error, closed rooms...all together in one messed up game. He never knew about other worlds, much less this kind of world. And it wasn't doing her any good being there right now.

Was it a bit of a sudden suggestion? Calling it just a suggestion would have been a lie too. He didn't ask her to come. He told her too. All he knew was he didn't want to see her get any worse than she was right now. Argh, and they were so close to saving her brother too...Why did things have to go and get worse?

He kept his back against the stone wall of the entrance, breathing in the cool night air. He had his own problems here, the knights dragging them in today, Estelle leaving tomorrow...yet, he still couldn't ignore this. Heh, this is must have been what Flynn was talking about. Yuri closed his eyes, waiting for her arrival.
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If it doesn't help anything in the end, then there's no way it counts as doing something, let alone 'plenty'.

[ Apparently she was being stubborn on this, since her mind had already set itself on the idea that there was nothing she could do, that she had been useless.. but after frowning - mostly out of disappointment with herself, honestly - she just tried to shrug it off, despite obviously still seeming hurt from the whole deal. ]

.. Nevermind. It's no use arguing this now. [ She started to walk ahead of him (easier to hide her expression that way) now the beach was staring to get in sight with big firm steps. ] Let's just go.
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[ She just sort of scoffed in return, not bothering to look back at him. It was obvious he was just joking, so despite her mood she went along with in her own deadpan sort of way-- ]

Any monster or person that has the guts to attack me right now can kiss their crown jewels goodbye. [ Apparently she wasn't very much in the mood for messing around that way, there was some slight annoyance in her tone.

But the most important thing was that she now walked onto the beach, the sand beneath her shoes. ]
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What? You want to go swim now of all times?

[ Although she assumed he just meant himself, she wasn't particularly planning on doing it now either way - she was still feeling too bad for it, even though by now she was just pushing it all back inside again, trying to hide it once more under layers of faked indifference.

She raised an eyebrow at him, finally looking at him again. ]
Did you even bring swimming trunks?
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Hey, most people in my world would exactly bring that kind of thing along with them if they'd go and travel. [ As far as trips to the beach could be considered 'travelling', but hey, it was close enough..

But at his question she shrugged, still something a little more defeated than usually about it. ]

But.. yeah, I was travelling for a little while before I went to help Battler onii-chan out instead. But if you don't count that, then I haven't travelled much.
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[ For a moment she could only stare at him as he sat down like that, as if she was pondering something - probably whether she should risk it or not, if she'd sit down here, her skirt and thigh highs would probably get covered with sand. But then again.. did it really matter?

So slowly she sat down as well, carefully making sure her skirt at least covered her butt so she wouldn't get sand all over that as well.

She was silent for a moment before she spoke up. ]
They're brighter here. The stars.

.. Usually you can't see them as well in my world since the lights of the city are too strong. You'd have to climb up somewhere high to see them. [ .. heh. She'd know. ]
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Yeah, there's a lot of light in the big cities. They're usually just pretty much covered in artificial light.

[ She could already guess how different it was from his world, it was easy to notice from the way he talked about things - knights and all - and then what she could see from the city walls.. ]

To see something like this you'd have to get far away from the cities. Somewhere isolated. [ Like Rokkenjima. ]
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[ Yeah, his world really was more like.. well, like the way her world used to be, except not as old fasioned as those times in her own world. That was the impression she got from it either way.

To his last remark came a pretty quiet 'hmm' of agreement, and for a moment she was quiet before she slowly spoke up again. ]

.. Hey, Yuri? Is the water safe here? I mean right here at the beach, not further out. Or is the kind of water where you can't even dip your feet in without it getting bitten off by something?
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[ Apparently she really didn't care about the cold. Since she was already starting to work on untying her shoelaces before just plain kicking off her shoes, then she started to take off her thigh highs. Apparently she doesn't just do things half way, nope. Besides, she doesn't want to answer questions if she'd come back to her world with half her clothes wet, okay. ]
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Do you really think I'd be part of something that childish?

[ Then why are you walking at a pace that's definitely faster than usually towards the water already, Ange.. As usually, apparently her mind and heart were split. Besides.. like this it was almost a little fun, right? ]
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I told you, I'm not--

[ She started on her protest (which sounded oddly defensive compared to how she usually just reacted in her deadpan way, really) but then she just sighed as she gave up, breaking out in a dash towards the water. ]
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[ That expression her face? It was totally not a pout. At least, that was what Ange would doubtlessly just say, there's no way it could be a pout when she wasn't participating to begin with! Not like she would be pouty about not winning. Nope. Never. So instead she just crossed her arms and huffed as she stood right at the edge of the water. ]

I really don't think your ego needs any further boost like that.
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[ Fine, this really was why she came here, after all.. So she slowly steps closer towards the water, first dipping in one foot and then the other.

.. Ah. The water actually was sort of nice, wasn't it? It had been a long time since she had done anything like this, the last time must have been back when she was a kid, maybe even the last time she visited Rokkenjima back then.. ]

There. Satisfied now? [ But she couldn't fully hide how she actually was not entirely unimpressed by the experience, mostly because of the memory. ]
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You got that right. But at this rate it's hardly guessing anymore, you can just assume that I've hardly tried anything.

[ Of course that sounded.. well, pretty sad, but just in content. Ange's tone remained fairly consistent despite it being a sad fact about her life. ]

I guess the two of us are just really different in that sense. [ She stared down at her feet in the water, as if she was making sure there weren't any crabs or anything like that around. ] You've probably done a lot in your life, right?

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