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[ Despite the strange book tucked underneath his arm, the day had been relatively normal. It was a busier sort of day for the Lower quarter, the market running at full steam, and Yuri found it easier to just avoid the grown ups through ducking in one of the alleyways. He didn't feel like harassing the poor baker today, he was already full from the meal Hanks gave him.

And besides...this book intrigued him. It looked a little fancy, like it belonged to someone from the Upper quarter, but he had found it just lying around in the streets. There was a sword on the cover, and he couldn't read the title but, hey, a sword must have meant it would be cool right?

Though all he found inside of it was weird...people. It was probably magic of some kind, and Hanks always told him not to play with the blastia, he couldn't just throw it away!

He sat against the alley wall, opening it again. Strangely enough, there was no one specific waiting. Instead he just saw a bunch of pictures, with words he couldn't read. He couldn't help but pout. Where did the talking heads go?


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