second_star: (Not my problem)
2012-07-02 10:38 am

RL w/ Sena

[ They agreed to meet outside the Pollux, right? She better not had forgotten the name, there was no telling where else she'd end up. It took him forever to give the party an excuse to be alone for a while. Not to mention he'd just be felt standing outside here like a total bum. Which he was.

But that wasn't the point.

He looked up. The dark clouds covering the city were definitely not going to leave anytime soon. Jeez, it was going to be weird explaining to her that it was only raining inside the city...well, she was going to be swimming later anyway, wasn't like getting a little wet was going to be too bad for her. He closed his eyes, leaning against the wall next to the inn entrance. Any minute now.