second_star: (What?)
Yuri Lowell ([personal profile] second_star) wrote 2012-10-23 12:12 pm (UTC)

[ So that's who was trying to come through before...That explained why Ange was thrown into such a panic. Yuri almost wanted to say "A distraction like that was stupid idea", but...he'd be lying if he said the same idea didn't cross hims mind several times during their conversation. Yuri looked back to her, not moving from his spot, listening to every word she said. His expression was in a partial scowl, not as if he was mad, but simply thinking. ]

I wouldn't have understood what the hell was going on without you. Not to mention we only reached our answer together. I couldn't have done that alone. [ Judging by how everyone else on the community was one could have figured anything out on their own. ]

That sounds like doing plenty to me.

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