second_star: (See you later.)
Yuri Lowell ([personal profile] second_star) wrote2012-10-18 01:06 pm

RL w/ Ange

[ Right outside of Heliord, by the west city entrance. That's where he said for her to meet him. This whole world hopping business was still new to him, after all. To be completely honest...he didn't fully understand why he even told her to come. He just knew she needed to get away. Everything in that world was way too confusing for it's own good. The witches, logic error, closed rooms...all together in one messed up game. He never knew about other worlds, much less this kind of world. And it wasn't doing her any good being there right now.

Was it a bit of a sudden suggestion? Calling it just a suggestion would have been a lie too. He didn't ask her to come. He told her too. All he knew was he didn't want to see her get any worse than she was right now. Argh, and they were so close to saving her brother too...Why did things have to go and get worse?

He kept his back against the stone wall of the entrance, breathing in the cool night air. He had his own problems here, the knights dragging them in today, Estelle leaving tomorrow...yet, he still couldn't ignore this. Heh, this is must have been what Flynn was talking about. Yuri closed his eyes, waiting for her arrival.

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